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WHY Keith Ngesi Media

KNM has positioned itself as a one stop shop for all the different forms of multimedia content available. It prides itself as the only company that has a commercial online radio and digital television station in the Eastern Cape. KNM produces quality customized content for clients across various industries and sectors. With the content then published on Keith Ngesi Digital TV and the clients Facebook page.


We always ensure we do an in-depth needs analysis and research into the clients needs and their products. This allows us to understand their target consumers better and develop content and messages that resonate with that audience.


Our company is driven by a highly experienced and informed executive team and we boast an army of creatives and technical experts, that ensure we produce quality and professional content that speaks for our client.


We take pride in our ability to reach varying audiences, with Keith Ngesi Media your brand will reach audiences in rural or higher LSM suburban communities. We are able to travel to far flung communities for outside broadcast in our vans and reach any community our client needs.

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